Terms and Conditions

  1. The Client agrees that they have no right to cancel the consulting/marketing services once the contract has been signed and the work has commenced.
  2. The Client understands that a verbal agreement or a written agreement, including electronic signatures, shall be considered a legal and binding contract. The Client agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in this contract, whether agreed upon verbally or in writing.
  3. The Client agrees to cooperate fully with the consultant/marketer in order to receive the full benefit of the consulting/marketing services. This includes, but is not limited to, providing timely responses to requests for information and following through on any action items agreed upon during the consulting/marketing process.
  4. The Client understands that the success of the consulting/marketing services is dependent on their full cooperation and agrees to be an active participant in the process.
  5. The Consultant will make every effort to provide the agreed-upon services in a timely and professional manner. However, the Client agrees that the consultant/marketer is not responsible for any delays or failures in the provision of services due to circumstances beyond their control.
  6. The Client agrees to pay the full fee for the consulting/marketing services as outlined in the contract, regardless of their level of cooperation or the results achieved.
  7. Termination of Service for Late Payment:
    In the event that the client fails to make two consecutive payments or is two months behind with payment, the marketing and consulting company reserves the right to terminate its services without further notice. However, the client will remain liable for the full amount of any outstanding fees owed to the company, including fees for any services provided up until the date of termination. The company also reserves the right to pursue legal action or take other steps to recover any outstanding fees owed to it by the client.
  8. The Client agrees to hold the consultant/marketer harmless for any damages or losses that may occur as a result of the consulting/marketing services.
  9. The Client understands that the consulting/marketing services are intended to provide information and recommendations, tools, software solutions, automations and that it is the Client’s responsibility to make their own business decisions. The consultant/marketer shall not be held liable for any actions taken by the Client based on the information/services provided.
  10. The Client agrees not to engage in any activity that would harm the reputation or business of the consultant/marketer or their company. This includes, but is not limited to, making false or misleading statements about the consultant/marketer or their services, and taking any action that could damage the consultant’s/marketer’s business or reputation. If the Client breaches this term, the consultant/marketer reserves the right to terminate the services and pursue any remedies available to them under the law.
  11. Cost of recovery clause that would suffice:
    Costs of Recovery – The debtor/s shall pay for all costs actually incurred by Social Impact LLC in the recovery of any monies owed under this Agreement.  You agree to be liable for and indemnify Social Impact LLC.  These costs include recovery agent costs, repossession costs, location search costs, process server costs and solicitor costs on a solicitor/client basis, debt collection commission and legal fees on an indemnity basis.
  12. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the state in which the consulting services are provided. Any disputes arising from these terms and conditions shall be resolved through binding arbitration.
  13. If any provision of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent possible, and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.

By agreeing to start working with the company, either through written or verbal communication, the Client acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.